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Welding Services

Our team of certified welders brings expertise and dedication to every project. We offer welding for a variety of metals, emphasizing quality and durability. With our welding services, you get robust and lasting joints tailored for both functional and aesthetic needs.

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Welding Works (ESAB Mig 400A Pulse) – our ESAB Mig 400A Pulse provides strong, durable welds for a variety of applications, ensuring high-quality joints for metal structures and parts.

CNC Plasma Cutting

Tired of imprecise cuts on large materials? Our CNC plasma cutting service provides the solution, tailored for large-scale projects. Using advanced CNC technology, we tackle inaccuracy, guaranteeing precision on dimensions up to 12000x2500mm. Ideal for demanding industrial applications and detailed metal artistry.

Inventory Details:

Plasma Cutting ESAB CNC – experience precise cuts on metal from 1mm to 30mm thick with our ESAB CNC plasma cutter over a large 12000x2500mm area, ensuring efficiency and precision for big projects.

Sheet Metal Bending

Our professional sheet metal bending service boasts an impressive 220-ton bending force. Capable of handling materials up to 3000mm wide, we ensure impeccable form and precision with each bend. Whether it’s for construction or decorative purposes, we’ve got you covered.

Inventory Details:

Sheet Metal Bending ALIKO 3000 – our ALIKO 3000 bends metal sheets from 1mm to 10mm with a 220-ton force, delivering precise bends for perfect component fit and structural integrity.

Lathe Works

Need detailed turning for large components? Our lathe works cater to those exact needs. We precisely manage details up to 2700mm x 500mm, combating unevenness and delivering a high-quality finish.

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We offer high-precision lathe work for components up to 2700mm x 500mm, tailored for quality-critical applications requiring exceptional accuracy.

Need to combat wear while enhancing appearance? Our painting services offer dual benefits: protection and aesthetics. Using premium paints, we combat environmental wear and corrosion, ensuring a lasting shield and a visually appealing finish.

Inventory Details:

Paint Booth – our specialized paint booth ensures high-quality, even paint applications in a contaminant-free environment for durable and visually appealing finishes.

Sandblasting Services

Surface imperfections causing issues? Our sandblasting services come to the rescue. By effectively removing rust, paint, or unwanted coatings, we prep your metal for renewed treatments or painting. Achieve a clean slate and prolong the life of your components.


Machinery downtimes can be costly and disruptive. Our heavy machinery repair services are the answer to maintaining uninterrupted operations. With a team of experienced technicians, we diagnose issues swiftly and implement solutions that restore machinery to its prime operational state. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency repairs, we ensure your machinery is up and running with minimal delays.

Mechatronics seamlessly integrates mechanics, electronics, and computer technology to create advanced systems and solutions. Our team offers extensive expertise and technical proficiency to develop complex mechatronic systems that enhance efficiency, precision, and reliability. Whether it’s for customized machinery or intelligent manufacturing processes, our mechatronic services are designed to elevate your company’s technological capabilities to the next level.

Metal Saw Cutting

Our metal saw cutting services deliver straight, clean cuts for all types of metal. This service solves the challenge of preparing metal with accuracy for construction or manufacturing, ensuring each piece fits perfectly in its intended design, reducing material waste and saving time on finishing. Whether it’s for structural frameworks or intricate designs, our saw cutting meets your exact specifications.

The assembly and setup of intricate structures and systems require a deep understanding and a meticulous approach, and that’s where our montage services come into play. Whether you’re integrating a complex piece of machinery or assembling an architectural marvel, our experts ensure that every component fits seamlessly, functioning as a cohesive whole. With our montage services, you’re not just getting a setup; you’re ensuring that every piece is in its right place, optimized for longevity and peak performance.

Design and Engineering

Our design and engineering services translate your ideas into viable, efficient structures and products. We tackle the complexity of creating detailed plans and designs that meet regulatory standards and perform optimally. Our expert team uses the latest CAD and engineering technology to provide solutions that are not only innovative but also practical and cost-effective.

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